BRIGHT WEIGHTS, it’s got the right attitude, horizontal.

It gives the perfectly neutral swimming position. Lower drag profile. More streamlined. Less effort required to swim. Your SAC rate improves and you get to stay down longer.

The 3 tier buoyancy / trim correcting system offers divers the ability to place their ballast requirement in a split arrangement along the longitudinal axis of their bodies – neutralizing more buoyant areas – like the chest or lower legs – thus balancing you in a more streamlined position, so you can relax and enjoy the dive. It’s a process called balanced buoyancy control.

Comfort is unprecedented, weights are changed in seconds, no weight retainers, you get a cylinder carrier and cylinder anti-roll device with enhanced safety in the split ballast arrangement.

Divers, from sport diving through to commercial diving, are experiencing the benefits enjoyed by using this 3 part buoyancy and trim correcting system.


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